Nude Neighbor

The consequences of leaving LA and getting out of your car.

I left LA nine years ago to move to Philadelphia to get an MFA in painting from the University of

Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia, one travels by bus or on foot to get where you need to go. You

don’t need a car there. Because of this I rode the 40 bus daily to get to school. The bus was

filled with doctors, students, seniors, office folks, kids and people going to the methadone

clinic. Eavesdropping on a bus is unavoidable and incredibly interesting. So of course I started

writing down what I heard. Colon surgery, release from jail, drunken dates. I’ve been collecting

words ever since and have expanded my eavesdropping to the street yelling, things I read, hear

and feel everywhere, every day. This show is a story created by fate. Random.

The pieces are made to be affordable and for the buyer to create their own story to take home.

And yes I have a nude neighbor.